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Denties - Dental Bridge

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Vets Approved
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Natural Ingredients

Experience the same strength and durability of regular chew toys, and let your pup benefit from the dental hygiene, improved skeletal health, and anti-aging properties this formula provides. Plus, no more bad breath or constipation worries; Dental Bridge Denties is here to make sure your dog is feeling tip-top!


- Helps reduce tartar buildup
- Freshens Breath
- Easy to digest
- Rich in vitamins & minerals
- Prevents gum disease & tooth loss
- Helps maintain healthy teeth

Net Weight: 100g

Ingredients: starch, cellulose, Omega-3, minerals, glycerin, potassium sorbat edible essence.

We ship worldwide within the below timeframes:

- Lebanon: 2-5 days
- GCC: 3-6 days
- International: 4-7 days